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Mens Clothing Styles in the Era 1930’s

Mens clothing styles in the early year is absolutely different with the clothing styles in this era. The clothing styles in the earlier year can be considered as something traditional. As soon as the era increase, the clothing styles for men also increase. It comes to the better one. Well, here are some kinds of clothing styles for men which are popular in 1930.

 One of mens clothing styles which is popular in 1930’s is suit. Suits in stripes pattern is something a must in that years. The design of this suit is completed with two until eight button. Sometimes, it also included vest. The other idea is long jackets which is commonly in gray, midnight blue, navy, or charcoal. These clothing are made of wool, yarn, heavy twill and seersucker. The heavy twill and seersucker are for winter, while wool is used for summer.

The other mens clothing styles in 1930 is fedora hat. It is a stylist thing and functional. In the early years, this thing is considered as necessary accessory that is needed for formal attire and business. These kinds of clothing are also worn by Humphrey Bogart and Frank Sinatra. You might be interested in reading weekend holdall bags.

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Those clothing will not be perfect if it is not completed with shoes. The shoes are commonly in brown, black, and tan. Boots are usually worn in the non formal event. These mens clothing styles look really perfect in the early years.

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