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Cutest Wedding Cakes with Nerd Ideas

Cutest wedding cakes are not always made to have pink color and some ribbon decoration on them. Besides, they can also be made from some nerd ideas. Since wedding is very special day, why don’t you make the cake to be very special and unusual?

In nerd cutest wedding cakes ideas, there are many inspirations can be applied. Let us take Mario Bros as an example of the ideas. It is undeniable that Mario Bros is a very iconic video game which so famous in all over the world. Having Mario, Luigi, and the Peach Princess can of course be a very cute idea to be applied in a wedding. Please make sure that you are able to cut the very cute cake.

Other example of cutest wedding cakes with nerd as the idea that you might also be interested in is Pac Man wedding cake. It is sure to be very cute to have a male Pac Man with a tiny wedding hat kissing his spouse that wears a kind of wedding veil. It is sure that you still remember that Pac Mac in a game which is also a part of your childhood, right? You might be interested in reading White Chocolate Cigarello Cake.

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If you have ever seen a movie entitled Corpse Bride and then you apply the idea on your wedding cake, it is sure that the cake will be something very cute. You and your spouse will not be the only people who love the cake but more and more other people who are familiar with the movie. It will be very reasonable if this kind of cake is named to be one of the cutest wedding cakes with nerd ideas ever.

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